Monday, September 11, 2006

Mother Jones, William Wilson, and Arnot, PA

I am recording chapter five of The Autobiography of Mother Jones. In this chapter, "The Victory at Arnot, Pennsylvania," Mother Jones discusses the Arnot coal miners strike of 1899-1900. This strike was the longest on record in Tioga County, and went on for eight months, over a hard and bitter winter.

I was curious about the location of these mines, and found that Arnot, Pennsylvania is very close to where I live. One of the men mentioned in this chapter, William Wilson, was the Secretary-Treasurer of the United Mine Workers. Wilson emigrated to Arnot from Scotland as a boy, and began working in the mines alongside his father at the age of nine. He later became the first United States Secretary of Labor under Woodrow Wilson.

Reading an entire chapter is difficult. On the other hand, I am learning how to edit with GarageBand. I hope to have it recorded and uploaded in the next couple of days.

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