Monday, July 23, 2007

A Jolly Good Fellow

I tried something new for this card.

I had to.

I began the card with dye inks, alcohol, and glossy card stock, using a beet, orange, and yellow combination of inks dabbed onto the stock with a cotton ball saturated with alcohol. I then embossed the two vegetable people by Ken Brown with white detail embossing powder. They barely stood out, so then I added some color to them with a blender pen and more dye ink. The freaky white embossing powder was still wrong.

Argh - I could start over or try something different. The swap drop dead date was today, so I soldiered on.

I took some clear plastic laminate and stamped the people onto that with black StazOn ink. I flipped the image over and painted it with LuminArts Primary Elements Polished Pigments mica powder and simple solution #2. They took on some beet color with a little sparkle and depth.

The card looked bare, so I added an Irish blessing stamp over everything on the glossy card and masked A Jolly Good Fellow with a ripped edge post it. Then I edged the glossy stock with a Liquid Gold Marvy pen.

I needed to adhere the plastic to the glossy card, so I tried Stampin Up's Crystal Effects, a high gloss dimensional clear glue. Yikes! Messy but effective. The glue dissolved some of my inks and paints and went all runny for a bit, but I like things messy.

Still working on my alphabet cards.


Brook said...

I think that you did an awesome job. I think all the work you put into the card gave it a cool and unique look!

Juliet A said...

I like the shadow effect that the light EP gives under the acetate.

You have some of the coolest stamps ever, like the one you used for this card, but I have to wonder - how often do you get to use a stamp like this?

betty2dogs said...

I don't get to use them often enough! These stamps are about 10 years old, and have been used only three or four times. I like to use my unusual stamps when I am making something just to please myself. That is probably the single most important reason for me to make atcs - I get to use the images I love without worrying if anyone else will love them too.