Friday, August 24, 2007

WANTED: More from Your Word Stamps

Sitting on my table right now is the "Wanted" set from Stampin' Up. One of the stamps in this set is the word, WANTED, in letters 1-7/8" high. As I was looking at the stamp, the word ANTE popped out at me, and I wondered, how many words could you make from these letters?

There is a word jumble site I use all the time for the word games I develop at school, so a quick visit there gave me 44 different words of 3 letters or more. Then I thought, if I flip the W, I could also get an M. When I typed in WANTEDM, I was able to get 77 different words! If you add the single letter word A, and the two letter words, WE, ME, AN, AT, and AM, you have 83 available words.

If you ink up each letter on your word stamp separately, and use a stamp positioner, you can easily expand your vocabulary!

Take a look at your word stamps, and try mixing up the letters to get more mileage from your rubber!

The site I go to for "words in a word" is Interactive Wordplays.


Pat Huntoon said...

Good Idea, Betty~
Pat H

Andrea said...

Found you on 001StampArtists which I don't always get to read, but this quick tutorial is a great find. Thanks for sharing.