Friday, November 02, 2007

Q is for Queen with a Quail

This card is from the first set of Alphabet Soup cards I made. Stampsmith made the Queen of Coins stamp in the Italian Tarot set. The little quail is from Stampin Up. The large Q is from Ma Vinci's Reliquary in the Phlax by Night set.

I used a polished stone background in apricot, yellow, and orange dye inks on glossy stock. I wrote about making this type of background in an earlier post. For this card, I added a silver metallic pigment for the veining. It is hard to see the metallic bits on this scan; they show up much better when you tilt the card.

I mounted the glossy piece on purple stock to pick up the purple ink from the stamping.

This card is one of my favorites.


tristan said...

Terrific card!

betty2dogs said...

Thank you!