Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Citizenship Day

Constitution Day and Citizenship Day commemorate the creation and signing of the United States constitution, and recognize all who have become citizens of the country. When I was looking for information on Citizenship Day, I found a great resource from Cornell Law's Legal Information Institute. It is the U.S. Code and it is searchable.

At the Department of Defense website, I found a short course on the Constitution. This course is part of the orientation for new employees in federal jobs, and was created to recognize the importance of this holiday, and to encourage employees of the Department of Defense to reflect on the part they play in defense of the constitution.

For this atc, I stamped the Marching for America stamp on glossy paper. This stamp is made by The Queen's Dresser Drawers. I then used a brayer diagonally across the image with blue on top, and red on bottom. I punched squares from the image, being sure to pick up the man in one, and the woman in the other. I had also intended to punch out and use the flag, but I didn't have enough room on my card for that.

I used a fireworks stamp from Rubber Stamps of America for the gold tinsel embossed background, and added a tiny Hero Arts flag stamp to fill in the space at the bottom of the layout. I used red paper cut to fit my old Dymo labelmaker and punched out the words Citizenship Day Sept 17. I dragged the paper strip over a Versamark pad, then sprinkled white detail embossing powder on the strip and heated it.


Anonymous said...

Cool card and very patriotic! I really NEED one of those old labeling machines that you can feed paper into, note the use of the word, "need", lol! Gina

Anonymous said...

Fruits of the Seasons and Nature's wonder...are they available...there was one pending with flowers...did it sell? Gina

betty2dogs said...

The Fruit of the Season [great for Thanksgiving or Christmas] is still for sale. The pending stamps are still pending, as I wait for payments from people. I try to keep the photo album updated on a daily or twice daily basis. Plus I am still finding things to sell! And yes, I really love the DYMO. I got mine on ebay. The model I have, 1570, will take 1/2" strips and 3/8" strips. It's perfect for me, because I tend to like to add words and phrases to my work.