Saturday, September 29, 2007

B is for Bathing Beauties

This card looked better in my mind.

I wanted it to have a summer shore feeling, and thought that the baby wipe technique would give me the light sandy beach colors I imagined. For the baby wipe technique, you fold a baby wipe into a pad shape, then squeeze a few drops of ink from a reinker onto the edge. You then apply the inked edge to glossy card stock. Because the baby wipes are juicy, you can use them in a sweeping motion and draw them across your paper. It is a simple technique with lovely outcomes. I do like the background as it turned out.

Wish You Were Here is a great stamp for this card, but I think I should have colored in the beauties' bathing suits, and masked the skin so the image would have popped out of the background. I picked up the stamp on ebay, and I don't know the maker. It is a clear stamp that has yellowed over time, but still produces a good image.

I embossed the B and the words Bathing Beauties with Antiquities Rose Quartz. I thought the embossing would be more opaque. Now I know. The Rose Quartz is translucent and I think I will use it differently next time.

All in all, the card is light and watery.

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