Wednesday, October 03, 2007

D is for Dorothy

For this Dorothy card, I wanted to use greens and silver to make a reference to the Emerald City. I did some blotting with light green, apricot, and light blue reinkers and alcohol on glossy stock, then tapped a silver Painty marker on a wooden dowel to get some silver paint splatters on the paper. That wasn't silvery enough, so I made criss-cross patterns with the edge of a silver pigment pad, and then sprayed it all with alcohol to move it around. The alcohol softened the pigment pad lines, but didn't do much else.

I stamped Dorothy and Toto over everything with a dark blue green dye ink. The Dorothy stamp is by All Night Media.

The D and the title are embossed with PSX Topiary Tapestry. The card was lacking a little something, and I was lucky the witch stamp fit in the corner.

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