Saturday, October 06, 2007

F is for Fortune Teller

I made this card early in the marathon swap. I love fortune telling stamps and this one from Junque is fabulous. It looks like a card you might get from a fortune teller machine.

I made an apricot and silver background using a little extra alcohol and the polished stone technique. I stamped the fortune teller with a deep violet purple dye, and then also sponged the edges of the glossy paper with the same color.

I used a black glitter embossing powder on the F and the words Fortune Teller. I had never used that powder before, but it was perfect.

I put the whole deal on a yellow cardstock, which kept it bright, and picked up some of the lighter apricots.

You can tell, I love this card. I had one extra to trade on Flickr, and it went immediately to Lorri in Australia.

I will be writing about gossip next.

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