Saturday, October 20, 2007

M is for Moonshiners

This card was difficult to do. I WILL master the photo stamp!

Two Tulsa Moonshiners is a stamp by Melanie Sage. I bought it through Creative Chaos, a company run by her mother, Vickie Enkoff. Vickie recently passed away, and her rubber stamp company is in the process of being absorbed by Alluring Impressions.


So I sponged a gray blue and a little pinky violet onto glossy stock in much the same way as I did for the Introspective card. Then I brayered black ink onto the Tulsa Moonshiners stamp, and tried to get a good impression. I have found this: if you wait a second before taking the paper away from the stamp, you will get better and clearer coverage.

I used Huckleberry embossing powder from Fancifuls on this card. It is a little bit transparent, which I like. You can sort of see the news article and doggerel through the embossing. Fancifuls is primarily a brass charm dealer, but I was able to get this embossing powder from them at a big stamp expo in Syracuse, NY.

The poem says:

Jack and Jill fell down the hill,
A trick which is mighty risky.
If water made them act that way,
I think I'll stick to whisky.


Rebecca Woodward ~ justgiddy said...

Wonderful! I love the descriptions!
I am inspired!

Anonymous said...

is this your own poem? It's hilarious! Thanks for sharing - and if you get the technique for photo cards down, share THAT too, thank you!