Sunday, December 02, 2007

Z is for Zealot

The last card, and last post, for the Alphabet Soup series. I chose this woman because zealots don't listen and have no interest in dialogue when it comes to the discussion of ideas. I chose the quote because a zealot can be so fanatically devoted to a set of ideals that he or she recognizes no other rules.

I used the shaving cream technique to get the red and blue marbling effect on the background. Shaving cream is fun and a little messy. I describe how to do it in this Rosie the Riveter post, and you can see that both cards were cut from the same paper.

I stamped the woman and quote with black ink. I stamped the Z and title with Versamark, then embossed with red detail embossing powder. You have to be careful when working with glossy stock that it doesn't smear, and you can see that my title smeared a bit when I stamped it. The Z looks a little off. Sometimes when I am concentrating my hand jerks a tiny bit at the last moment and whoops! I mounted the card on red stock. I am a big fan of red. I also thought it is a passionate color and that's in keeping with the zealot theme.

The woman is a Ken Brown image. The quote is from Silvercrow Creations.


Eastjewels said...

Hi Betty........I have been watching the progress of your alphabet series and I just want you to know I think they are wonderful, they are so clever and creative. I love the fact that you included the "how tos" with each one. Your backgrounds are awesome. Of course I too am a "Pink" girl so I love anything with pink and red. Congradulations for reaching "Z". Can't wait to see your tag book.
Linda (Oklahoma)

firecracker82 said...

such fun cards Betty! I enjoyed trading with you too!!