Sunday, August 31, 2008

Nothing happens unless first a dream

I love Carl Sandburg's poetry, and this quote is from his “Washington Monument by Night,” stanza 4. I found the citation at

I am not sure I really like how this atc turned out. I wanted to use the pink background paper I'd made using the polished stone technique with alcohol, pink inks, and silver metallic paint. I stamped the quote over it and embossed it with black detail powder. I ran some glue around the edges and poured a mixture of pink microbeads, some seed beads, and tiny bugle beads over the glue. I glued on some butterfly sequins in pink and silver to balance the empty spaces.

I have to admit, its much nicer to look at than the scan shows, but I am still of a mixed mind when I look at it. Maybe it's all the pink.


Anonymous said...

I don't know that polished stone technique and did not seem to pull it up on Google...can you help an inquiring mind, *smiles* Gina

betty2dogs said...

I wrote a little how I made it tutorial on August 13, 2008. Just click on the label "backgrounds" in the far right column. You can also read more about this technique and different methods to achieve the look here