Monday, November 10, 2008

Knitting washcloths

I have been knitting every Sunday during football season, making washcloths. I made two of these from a pattern called Wedding Washcloth, but on one I had to join a skein near the end. I can really tell - I hope it is not a different color lot. We’ll see after it gets washed and blocked. Not sure about the yarn; it was part of a mixed lot I bought at a thrift store. It looks and feels just like some of the other skeins which were labeled Rafaela. On the Rafaela, the label says 100% cotton - why can’t I wash it like regular cotton? On the other washcloth, same yarn, I tried knitting continental style for a row in the middle, so the tension is a little off for that row. Of course, the two did not come out the same size either… I am sort of a sloppy I wonder what this will look like when I’m done knitter.

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