Friday, February 20, 2009

One sock down

I finished the first sock of this pair last night. El gato was incredulous!

Mistakes were made. The leg is inside out, but the foot is correct.

It started out well enough. I knitted from the top down and everything was as it should be. I knitted the heel flap. Then somehow, when I turned the heel, I started knitting on the other side of the piece. The pattern on the foot is much nicer than the one on the leg. I can't turn it inside out to show the pattern on the leg because the sole of the foot is supposed to be smooth stockinette. If the sock were inside out, it would be entirely bumpy looking and wrong.

I had to keep trying it on with the knitting needles akimbo to get the length of the foot right, and decide where to start the toe decreases.

I love how this sock feels on my foot.

Now to make the other foot happy.

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Quilty bird said...

Wow! Great job for your first sock. I haven't knit socks yet, but that is my goal for the new year. Just have to push past the fear.