Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Archaeology of Art

I have been working on a project through The Artist's Circle, a new Yahoo group. The members of the group are making the same project, a tag book, step by step. It is interesting to see the different outcomes of each step. No one's work is the same, yet we are all following the same program.

I am having a great time because the project is a motivator to cycle through the art supplies on my shelves. It made me think we should look at the archaeology of art - in our own homes! Wouldn't it be fun to name the different eras!

As I look around, I can see:
  • the fiber era: embroidery thread, boxes of yarn, knitting and crochet needle cases, button baskets, books on sewing, knitting, crochet, and embroidery, a sewing machine, and boxes of fabric;
  • the leather era, an offshoot of the fiber era, but an era in its own right: leather punch tool, box of leather scraps;
  • the glass era: beads, bead books, notebooks of sketches and patterns, hardware organizers, pliers and wire cutters, more beads;
  • the clay era: pasta machine, tupperware box of clay; and
  • the paper era, which for me spans the whole lot: paper, paper making tools, paints, inks, cutters, punches, stamps, glues, brushes, pen points, drafting tools, more paper.
I have been "making" for over 40 years. I am thankful today that I have a place and the opportunity to create things that make me happy.


Heather said...

I love your tags. I am always amazed when people work on a similar project and get such different results.

Carolyn said...

Archeology of the concept and your tags look terrific!