Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Black and White

The program for this swapped card was that it use only black and white. I found this stamp from Paperbag Studios in one of my drawers, and it was perfect.

I used ultra fine detail black embossing powder to emboss the image, then at the last second, I added a tiny black and white flower brad for dimension. I think it looks a little bit like the woman is wearing a pin.

Because the stamp was perfectly sized for the trading card, I simply cut the white stock to mount onto a black backer piece and was finished.

I have been using Malmero Pearl card stock from lately. These black and white papers have an iridescent sparkle to them that is very subtle.

Very simple, yet elegant.

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Mary McAndrew said...

Hi Betty,
I like the b+w, it took me a moment to realise how the lines read, with it being in black then white, it sounded almost like a poem at first. The quieter you....